GLAZING Alufab Architectural Systems.


Structural glazing is an adaptable form of curtain wall construction, which in the past few decades has been helpings designers and architects giving them the freedom to create striking facades. Its potential to enhance the artistic appeal of buildings creativity becomes unlimited.

Structural glazing offers many economic advantages. The technology promotes optimum heat and sound insulation. Furthermore, the elimination of thermal breaks and unnecessary metal can further reduce building costs.


There are various glazing options available for façade opening and one of the elgant glass design option is spider glazing. Spider glazing executed with 12mm clear toughened glasses or laminated glasses. Spider glazing concepts for elevations using spider hardware, articulated or fixed bolts with glass fin of 15mm/19mm/laminated glass.

Spider glazing concept is rightly applicable for the elevation/opening height more than 12feet and up to any heights provided with proper structural support.

Types of Spider glazing :

  • Spider glazing with Fin
  • Spider glazing using Stainless steel
  • Spider glazing using mild Steel(MS)


Glass partitions have become a favourite office option. Glass is an excellent material to use as it is easy to clean and it is transparent, adding an elegance and sunlight to an office. These partitioning systems provide frameless appearance to the office interior and are also extremely attractive. With a choice of curved, straight, single and double glazed options, this system can be designed to produce a unique office space to suit client’s requirements. Using a minimum number of aluminium framing sections, this partitions system provides an office divide that allows unhindered vision whilst maintaining the privacy of individual offices.