UPVC Alufab Architectural Systems.


UPVC continues to be a highly desired material because of its affordability as well as its minimal maintenance requirements. This allows you to have great looking windows all the time. With good value for your money as well as unmatched quality, UPVC is a premium option. It delivers an attractive appearance and the reinforced steel structure provides the ultimate insecurity. Essentially, you couldn’t ask for a better material to be used in your windows.

Benefits of using UPVC Doors & Windows

  • stronger than the old and traditional wooden doors and windows.
  • rigid and weatherproof
  • high level of insulation against noise
  • Maintenance Free
  • Leak-proof
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Rot Resistant
  • Resistant to Salt Erosion


Our Casement window is a best alternative, if your home has limited indoor space. The primary feature in Casement Windows is that they are hinged on the sides of the frame and open from the side, usually to the exterior.

Casement Windows that swing outwardly are typically the most energy efficient of window styles since the sash closes by securing firmly against the frame of the window. Another benefit of an outward opening Casement Window is that the ventilation or air passage is significantly improved due to the various angles of openings that can be obtained, thereby maximizing the ventilation.
The outside of a casement window can be clean from inside by using Easy clean Friction stays.


We are committed to creating a long lasting, weather-resistant Sliding System that would glide smoothly and silent for years. The sliding system has been designed to respond to new demands for aesthetics and security.

Our Sliding Windows are versatile and create a viable alternative for space restrictions, where the width exceeds the height of the opening and various designs can be incorporated. Double Sliders also allow both panels to open simultaneously, creating cross ventilation.
In sliding windows & doors we use improved inhouse developed rollers for smooth and effortless operation and multiple points locking achieve greater security for your sliders in turn making them highly secure.